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Zhuguang Royal Star International Apartment (Guangzhou Shamian)

Zhuguang Royal Star International Apartment (Guangzhou Shamian) is located on the Baie Tan surrounded by the three rivers. It is the center of Guangzhou-Foshan Economic Circle and the starting point of the golden coastline of the Pearl River. It has a unique geographical location. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river and the new sand which are hard to reprint. Zhuguang Royal Star International Apartment (Guangzhou Shamian) is located at the intersection of Line 1 and Line 6, Huangsha Station and Ruyifang Station, where you can easily travel and visit Guangzhou City Landscape; Xinbu can reach Shamian Primary School, Guangzhou No. 1 Middle School and other famous schools, with all kinds of educational supporting resources; surrounding shopping paradise and Tianzi Pier, such as Xicheng Duyi, Shangjiu Pedestrian Street, etc. Liwan Lake Park, Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral, Chen Jiaci and other famous scenic spots, so that you can experience the deep ancient charm of Guangzhou as the Pearl of the South and the charm of modern Fandu at the same time. Zhuguang Royal Star International Apartment (Guangzhou Shamian) has 130 exquisite and unique Loft apartment rooms ranging from one-room to four-room apartment. Modern style and Shanghai style can be chosen freely to broaden the high-altitude city view and hegemonic River view. Comfortable living space, with warm tatami, simple office space and other high-quality equipment, we also provide a fully equipped kitchen, so that you can cook your own delicacies, convenient business life and relaxed and comfortable living experience, you can easily embrace.